Oryx8 , Oryx4 and the OryxNano
Automatic Protein Crystallization Systems

Douglas Instruments designs and manufactures robots for protein crystallization.
Our systems are setting new standards in protein crystallization success through:

  "rMMS" random microseeding capability

  Minimal wastage (only 2% of protein)


Case Study

Systematic seed dilution optimization.

precipitant, pH
vs [Seed Stock]

H. Aydin, A. Sultana, JE. Lee
University of Toronto


Upcoming Meetings

Douglas Instruments are attending the following meetings:

April 10 -13: BCA Spring Meeting 2017, Lancaster University, UK

May 26 - 30: ACA 2017, New Orleans, USA

August 21 -28: IUCr 2017, Hyderabad, India

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