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  • May 2016

    Dear New User of Oryx,

    Thank you for ordering Oryx, our automatic protein crystallization system. Before we visit you to install the system, it would be helpful if you could equip yourselves with the following items - part numbers and a list of suppliers can be found at


    PC with Windows 10, 8 or 7 recommended (also compatible with XP or Vista). Screen resolution of at least 1280 x 960, at least 1 GB RAM, CD ROM drive, and spare USB port. .

    About 2 meters of bench space.  (It is helpful if the bench is quite deep, around 80 cms, although this is not essential.)

    Spare mains electricity socket

    For Oryx4 and Oryx8:    if you will be doing microbatch-under-oil experiments you will need:

    Light Paraffin Liquid (around 1 liter)

    Silicone fluid 200/1cs (around 1 liter)

    In addition, the following would be useful:

    Regular 96-well  microlitre plates (around 300 microlitres per well) such as polypropylene 96-well source plates by SigmaAldrich (catalogue # M9685 www.sigmaaldrich.com).

    Protein load strips from ThermoFisher Scientific : "Strips of 8 Low Profile Tubes" catalogue # AB-0771 (Natural). We will supply 240 strips with the machine. Though these look like ordinary PCR strips, they have a particularly low profile which allows the Oryx to reach the bottom to load all protein provided.

    A 12-channel pipette for filling reservoirs, such as Transferpette-12 (20-200l) by Brand, available from www.brand.de. Alternatively, for faster pipetting we recommend the Liquidator96. This 96-channel manual pipetter will dispense to 96 reservoirs in one go.

    Printer - for Oryx8 only.

    Please prepare some proteins and screening solutions so that we can try out the system during the installation.  The ideal format for the screening solutions is a deep-well plate (e.g. Thermofisher catalogue # AB-0932).

    For Oryx8, please also prepare some proteins and buffers etc. for optimization.  Note that the protein, precipitants, buffers etc should be as concentrated as possible.  (If possible, the protein concentration should be twice that used in vapor diffusion, and the precipitants should be saturated.)

    We look forward to installing your system.

    Best regards,

    Douglas Instruments


    2018 Douglas Instruments Ltd