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Douglas Instruments is a UK-based company which designs, manufactures and sells specialized systems for automatic protein crystallization.

Our customers are typically pharmaceutical companies, government research institutes or universities.  Scientists in these labs want to crystallize proteins so that they can use them for x-ray diffraction studies and determine their three-dimensional structures.  These structures are often used for drug discovery and fundamental biological research.  We have sold over 200 systems and customers include major pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and universities in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and China.

We also carry out research into protein crystallization, especially microseeding, and we have published articles in scientific journals.

Douglas Instruments was founded in 1986 by Peter Baldock, who has a background in physics, electronics and programming, and Patrick Shaw Stewart, who studied biotechnology and instrumentation. In 1989 Douglas Instruments and Imperial College (London) developed IMPAX, a system for automatic protein crystallization. This introduced the microbatch method of crystallization where samples are dispensed as small droplets under oil. More recently, the Oryx crystallization system was introduced, which uses very similar technology and performs crystallization by microbatch, vapor diffusion, and LCP dispensing.

We're always happy to hear from workers in the field, whether they are customers or not.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please fill in our automatic feedback form or just e-mail us at

The Douglas Instruments Team

Patrick Shaw Stewart

Company Director

Kathy Hannaby

Office Manager

Peter Baldock

Company Director

Carolyn Wilson

Marketing and Export Manager

Raymond Baker

Production Manager

Sylvie Loupekine

Consumables Manager

Stefan Kolek

Company Director


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