Oryx robot feature comparison table

Oryx8 is the flagship Douglas Instruments protein crystallization robot. It can set up sitting drops down to 100 + 100 nl and up to 2 + 2 µl for 96 wells. For hanging drop experiments up to five drops can be set up per cover slide, with volumes up to 8 + 8 µl.  (For screening experiments the reservoirs must be predispensed by some other method such as a 12-channel pipette. For optimization experiments the reservoirs are filled automatically.)  Standard screening, additive and microseeding experiments are included as well as microbatch-under-oil screens (also down to 100 + 100 nl).  Optimization experiments can be carried out  using up to 7 ingredients with full pH control, including multi-variate designs such as the Central Composite. In addition, quick-and-easy 2-D grid optimizations with up to 4 ingredients can be carried out in a few minutes. 

Oryx4 is the product for those users who do not want to do multi-variate optimization. As with the Oryx8, it performs standard screening, additive, microseeding, sitting drop and hanging drop experiments and microbatch-under-oil screens (also down to 100+100 nl). Oryx4 can be upgraded to Oryx8 if multi-variate optimization becomes a requirement.

OryxNano is a compact option which has the capability of the Oryx4, except for hanging drop, microbatch and additive experiments. OryxNano can do quick-and-easy 2-D grid optimizations with up to 4 ingredients.





Sitting drop:

Single protein screening, multiple drops per reservoir

Two protein screening

Three protein screening

MMS (microseed matrix screening)

Additive screening

Additive screening with MMS

Hanging drop:

Hanging drop - up to five drops dispensed per cover slide

Microbatch with automatic oiling:

Additive experiments    

Microseed Matrix Screening


Quick-and-easy 2-d grid, 3 ingredients

Quick-and-easy 2-d grid, 4 ingredients

7-d Optimization grids

Central composite, multi-variate experimental designs (7-channel)

Rapid reservoir filling for optimization 


Microlytic crystal former filling

LCP upgrade:

Compatible with LCP dispensing arm add-on



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