Crystallization tips, techniques and experiments:
'Cross Matrix' Optimization
Systematically test seed stock dilution, additive ingredients or multiple protein samples

• 'Cross Matrix' Optimization with Oryx 8
• Microseed dilution optimization
• 'Reshuffling' optimization
Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP)
Scaling Up
A few simple guidelines for scaling up from nano-drops to micro-drops

• Scaling Up
Vapor Diffusion to Microbatch
Three simple rules of thumb allow users to convert vapor diffusion crystallization conditions to microbatch

• VD to MB: three simple rules
• Calculator for VD-MB conversion (xls)
24 Well Hanging Drop
Dispensing to 24 well Cover Slides with Oryx

• 24-Well Hanging drop: Oryx4 and 8
• Hanging drop experiments
Crystallization Plate Tips
Tips and tricks for crystallization plates

• Cross-polarization with sitting drop plates
Cards for Oryx users
Simple step-by-step instructions for users covering maintenance and experiments

• Cards for Oryx users
Consumable supplies
Consumable supplies for Oryx robots

• Consumable supplies
DLS for Cryo-EM
DLS experiments for Cryo-EM

• DLS screening for Cryo-EM
• DIXC screen
The 'Good Dispensing Guide'
The 'Good Dispensing Guide' for Oryx robots

• The 'Good Dispensing Guide'

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