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Douglas Instruments provides downloadable Free Software in .zip or self-extracting format. Instructions to install software are here. Please contact Douglas Instruments before installing for help and support.

Please contact us if you wish to download a free software update.

System Requirements

For recommended system requirements for control PC please click here

Latest Release Experiment Script Files


March 2020

Experiments version 10.00.51 for V25
Requires V25.06.0931

+ LCP 2-d grid optimization experiments in WaspRun
+ Hanging Drop experiment type choice (Cover Slides, Screw Tops, Film Seal)
+ Large volume dispensing experiments are now selectable while in LCP dispensing mode. (Previously only available when in large volume dispensing mode)


July 2018

Experiments version 10.00 for V25
Requires V25.06

+ Screening experiment time reduced
+ Drop accuracy improvements
+ Option to 'pre-dispense' a proportion of the protein before the main dispense


November 2017

Experiments version 9.34 for V25

+ Javascript WaspRun. WaspRun calculations now faster during experiment design
+ Dedicated 3 protein screening script
+ Large volume reservoir filling for 2-d grid experiments in WaspRun


July 2016

Experiments version 9.33 for V25

+ LCP CrossMatrix Optimization
+ Increased protein capacity for under oil experiments
+ Oil dispense offset, manual adjustment option in WaspRun


October 2015

Experiments version 9.32 for V25

+ Microbatch 2D Grids
+ Improved Vapor Diffusion 2D Grids
+ 4 Corner Optimization
+ Increased protein capacity for vapor diffusion experiments


January 2015

Experiments version 9.31 for V25

+ LCP Screening

Latest Software Version Releases


June 2022


+ LCP switch compatibility
+ Improved XStep large volume reservoir optimization dispensing


March 2020


+ Large volume dispensing using the LCP arm (Large volume on LCP arm mode now selectable in Front Panel)
+ Experiments version 10.00.51


July 2018


+ Forth 9.57 - Updated transfer drop function. Reduced experiment time.
+ Experiments version 10.00


November 2017


+ Javascript WaspRun. WaspRun calculations now faster during experiment design
+ Forth 8.36
+ Experiments version 9.34


August 2016


+ Option for Alternative Shield Hook Position
+ Sound alerts
+ Forth 8.28
+ Experiments version 9.33


July 2016


+ Forth 32 (Forth 8.28)
+ USB Direct communication to PC
+ Experiments version 9.32


March 2016


+ LCP Release to replace 24.63
+ Forth 6.10
+ Experiments version 9.32


June 2015


+ Vapor Diffusion Optimization for Oryx8
+ Support for new style roller evaporation shield
+ Forth 5.45
+ Experiments version 9.21


May 2013


** For systems without V24 hardware upgrade (new style roller evaporation shield). Forth 7 (version 5.39). +Experiments version 8.99.


September 2011


** For systems built before 2004. C Forth version (4.18). +Experiments version 8.99.

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