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Lipidic cubic phase (LCP) upgrade

The LCP dispenser upgrade option is available for Oryx4 and Oryx8

Accurately dispense LCP for screening and optimization experiments. LCP can be dispensed to any glass sandwich, or regular crystallization tray. Click for information about Oryx4-LCP and Oryx8-LCP


LCP upgrade option (for Oryx4 or Oryx8) inc. LCP mixer kit

part number: LCP-OPT

Oryx4 to 8 upgrade

Oryx4 systems can be upgraded to Oryx8 by addition of a second Chassis. The MCC will also be upgraded and the colored connectors on the existing chassis will be changed.

Please see the Oryx comparison table for an overview of differences between Oryx4 and Oryx8.


Oryx 4 - 8 Upgrade

part number: UPG-4/8

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