Competition for the best new crystallization technique

Douglas Instruments is running a competition open to all for the best new crystallization technique that can be carried out using its products.  The first and second winners were announced in March 2005 and July 2006.  We will announce the winner or winners of the third round during or soon after July 2007.


  1. A prize will be awarded for the best new crystallization technique that can be carried out using Douglas Instruments' products, including the Douglas Vapor Batch Plate, the Crystal Clear Strips (Duo, -P or -D) and the crystallization robots.
  2. The competition aims to encourage practical advances that are helpful to other users, original ideas, and discoveries that increase the understanding of crystallization.
  3. Entries may be excluded if the judges feel that there is insufficient data or too few case studies to demonstrate the usefulness of the ideas.  Studies including many proteins and many conditions will, in general, be well received.
  4. Entries must be HTML, PDF, MS Word or MS PowerPoint files.  Reports, posters, or multi-slide PowerPoint presentations are acceptable.
  5. Competitors may submit as many entries as they wish.
  6. Douglas Instruments may award several prizes (or none) depending on the standard of entries.
  7. Douglas Instruments may publish the winning entries on its web site.  Entries that do not win will not be published except with the authors' permission.
  8. Since the report may be published on the web, images of crystals etc. may obviously increase the appeal of the report.
  9. Winners can choose a prize from the following: a flight, a lap-top or other PC, a camera, or cash equivalent to US$1000.  The value of all prizes will be limited to US$1000.
  10. News and updates regarding this competition will be published at this URL.
  11. To receive free samples of crystallization plates, please contact anne-marie"at"
  12. All plates can be bought from Douglas Instruments (anne-marie"at" or from Hampton Research.
  13. Please e-mail entries to patrick"at" 
  14. Please contact Patrick if you have any questions.

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