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      January 2024 Increase control of crystallization with an Oryx

      August 2023 Combined microbatch and vapor diffusion screening with an Oryx

      February 2023 Get the most out of your protein with an Oryx

      July 2022 Controlling crystal size and number

      June 2022 Three ways and Oryx8 can help you optimize

      February 2022 Use less protein... explore more crystallization space...

      July 2021 Get the most out of rMMS microseeding

      February 2021 Pre-screen your samples with in-plate DLS

      December 2020 Optimization experiments with Oryx8

      July 2020 Screening for Nano or Micro-Crystals and Scaling Up!

      June 2019 Automatic LCP optimization: 2d gradient experiments

      March 2019 Additive screening with rMMS microseeding

      October 2018 Focus on microbatch-under-oil

      May 2018 EasyXtal 15-well hanging drop experiments with Oryx

      February 2018 Microbatch-under-oil for in situ DLS

      November 2017 Super-quick sitting drop optimization

      August 2017 How to make Seed Stock for rMMS

      May 2017 24 Well Hanging Drop Optimization

      November 2016 Two seed stock MMS (Microseed Matrix Screening)

      July 2016 Setting up Sitting Drop and Microbatch-Under-Oil experiments at the same time

      February 2016 Protein crystallization tips and tricks - analysis using polarizers with the UVXPO 'MRC' 2-drop plate

      December 2015 Experimental Design Ideas - How to Control the Numbers of Crystals

      September 2015 Mitegen In-Situ Plate now available from Douglas Instruments

      June 2015 Get Creative with LCP by Douglas Instruments

      September 2014 Announcing Oryx LCP by Douglas Instruments

      November 2013 Oryx: The all terrain crystallization robot

      September 2013 MRC Maxi 48 well crystallization plate

      August 2013 Optimization with Oryx8

      July 2013 Automatic Hanging Drop Crystallization with Oryx

      March 2012 Reshuffling crystallization conditions - Cross Matrix Optimization

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